Art Exhibition – Revelation, Rise, Reign

Art Exhibition: Revelation, Rise, Reign.
Artist: The Shadow Of The Don Killuminati II
Published: 07/07/2021
Cost: FREE

Art Exhibition – Still I Rise

Still I Rise. ALBUM
Artist: The Shadow Of The Don Killuminati II
Published: 25/12/2020
Cost: FREE (Gift)

The Dawn of a New World

It is with great pleasure that the trustees of Nyeusi will like to announce that VIAC (Vision in Aid of Citizens) has become the first Charity to sign up to the Nyeungana Vision.

Noah’s Ark, 7 Day Theory

Grandma, what are you reading?
“I’m reading about Laws and Contracts,” replied the Grandma.
“Did you know that contracts in essence are promises backed by the law?.”

Nyeungana Commitment Form

The Nyeungana vision. Are you committed to the vision?


A Buddhist Monk based in Asia decided to go on an advertised conference to the UK hoping he might get to meet legends such as Dennis Rodman.


Grandma, you said you will tell me the story about mirrors and how it seems that some black people were sold into slavery in return for something as silly as a mirror.

Rocks and Roses

A sad Liberian girl called Nene, walked up to her grandma who was in the middle of drinking a jug of Emu. Why are you so sad? said the grandma.

All The King’s Men

Over a drink or two, in a bid to get their friend to concentrate on the positive aspect of her life, the conversation turned to the single friend’s career aspiration.

Art Exhibition

Artist: The Shadow Of The Don Killuminati II
Published: 01/05/2020
Cost: FREE

Self Hate, Self Harm

A book By Oluwagbemileke Afariogun.
This book is based on a fictional interview of the winner of a fictional competition, Black Reverend Award 2018 by a young journalist.

In the Beginning

The timeline of the Evolution of the Constitution of Nyeusi.


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