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What is Nyeungana?

Imagine a tomorrow where all black people are forever united across physical geographic borders in their fight against poverty, marginalisation, injustice, discrimination and any other form of oppression. A tomorrow where we all feel empowered to help one another and are incredibly proud to be us. Whilst truly embracing our unique and natural beauty.

In that tomorrow we will be a superpower that is making positive contribution on the world’s stage whilst pushing each other to new heights in the advancement of human endeavour.

United by our shared identity and indivisible by any instrument. We would have created the best environment for our offspring to thrive. Forever.

by Nyeusi

Nyeungana Commitment Form

Make a commitment to the Nyeungana vision today! Download a copy of the Nyeungana Commitment Form today and make a personal commitment to Nyeungana informing your friends and Family.

Click here to download a copy of the Nyeungana Commitment Form.

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