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Nyeusi has partnered with the Think Thank, The United Pan African Council and Ifa Dudu in order to offer our loyalty coin called Pan African Corrie.

Our loyalty program is loosely based on a paper published by The United Pan African Council called An Alternative Value System That’s Aligned With Your Values. A copy can be seen here.

Value on 1 October 2022: 1 Pan African Corrie = £15.52


Historical Value

Value at launch – 2 July 2022: 1 Pan African Corrie = £12.50

Buy our loyalty coin today. The sale of the coin is by invite only, so please apply today by filling our application form below.

Please note our loyalty program and coin is protected under strict rules and regulations. You can’t exchange the coin for any other currency or value system unless permitted to by Nyeusi. We reserve the rights to add more rules. We are currently not granting permission to exchange the loyalty coin to another value system. To prevent a run on our loyalty coin, Nyeusi may restrict the conversion of the coin to another value system at any time. You may exchange the coin for goods and services. Like any other value system, Nyeusi reserves the right to raise or drop the value of the coin at any time without warning.

By using and acquiring our loyalty coin you are agreeing to be loyal to Nyeungana.

Loyalty Form

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