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Is cloning real? Should we be worried for our children and humanity?


As technology advances, and scientist have made public that they have at least been able to successfully clone Dogs.

Is cloning humans next?
If you are to believe information on social media then I guess human cloning has started already. But what’s the implication of all this? What are the negative consequences? What should we be worried about?

Could cloning be immoral? Could it create confusion? Let’s start with the low hanging fruit relating to the potential confusion that cloning may or may not cause.

For this, let’s say there are rumours that someone called West has been cloned, the implications being that it is now difficult to really understand what West stands for, because when a particular version of West comes out and says something to uplift people from suffering, then another version of West (the clone) will come out and say the opposite.

OK, I think it’s obvious this will be a very confusing scenario. So perhaps for this reason alone we should ban cloning. But something doesn’t quite sit well with me about this example.

I mean, the concept of creating confusion by having different versions of the same person is a concept that will work. But the question is, why bother to create a clone in the first place?

My assumption is, if you were to create a real-life clone, then that clone would come with his/her own real-life problems. You probably have to feed it, tell it where to go, what to do, what to say, basically manage the clone’s day to day life. In this example, won’t it be easier to just convince or manage the real West? Won’t it be easier to just use deepfake technology?

What’s deepfake technology, and how will that work I hear you say? I’ve observed that for quite some time, it’s been easy to create quite convincing images and videos of people using AI.

So, if one is able to create convincing videos of people using AI, why create a real-life clone? Surely, creating a deepfake video will do just as good a job, perhaps even a better job than creating a real-life clone. I mean, how many people get to see a famous person in real life, close up. It doesn’t happen that often, right?

The implications of this being that deepfake is just as effective or even better for creating confusion than cloning.

In fact, having said the above I’ve spotted yet another problem. Do you see the new problem?

Let’s explore. Supposed another person, let’s call this person King Carl, had gotten himself in a royal mess and is accused of hideous crimes against children, could the existence of deepfake technology create an alibi for Carl? Could Carl possibly claim that the footage of his crimes are a fake? That it is not really him in the footage.

Yep, I have to now ask the second question, should we ban deepfake technology?

I think we all agree that in the examples above, the best outcome is for the world to know the real West and for God to serve Justice to Carl.

So, back to the starting question, Is cloning real? Should we be worried for our children and humanity?

Can’t really answer the first question of if human cloning is real, however deepfake technology is here meaning with or without human cloning being real we should be worried.

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