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Puppet VS Puppet Master


Did you ever watch the movie The Departed?

In that film, if I remember correctly there was a corrupt FBI agent, that served as a puppet to a Mob boss (the puppet master), as a result the mob boss used the FBI agent to carry out his evil agenda.

I remember this movie because I recently watched something about a world full of “powerful” people (puppet masters) that work in the shadows, manipulating public figures (puppets) in a bid to execute their evil agendas.

So I ask myself, what if a world like this actually exist already. What if so many ills of this world were caused by puppet masters using puppets to execute their evil deeds.

How does the world break itself free from a world built around shadow power? How do you know who you can trust in such a world? What role do the puppets play in all this? Are they themselves vulnerable or co-conspirators?

The problem is, in a shadow power environment I’ll presume that a puppet might carry on protecting the puppet master who has the “real power” because, the puppet is genuinely scared of the puppet master.

So, if lack of bravery is the real motivation for the puppet, then how does the world break free from a scared puppet?

Now, that’s the golden question, and it took me a while to find the loop hole, the bug in the system.

Considering that good always prevail over evil, it’s inevitable that a small window of opportunity will always come up, like the very beginning of this universe, the right condition for a big bang.

But what could this opportunity be?
Well, let’s go back to one of the possible reasons why puppets might be trapped in this system, lack of bravery.

Considering this, the opportunity could arise when for some reason a puppet needs to be rejected by the puppet master as the puppet could have somehow made themselves a risk to the organisation.

In this scenario the puppet would have been subject to a level of scrutiny that they had never endured before since they had the protection of the puppet master previously.

Now the puppet for the first time finds itself between a rock and a hard place. What will you do if you were that puppet? To do nothing will mean the puppet and the puppets family will bear the brunt of the people’s justice due to the crimes committed on behalf of the organisation that just betrayed him/her. What would have been the purpose of that puppets’ life?

The only viable option to the truly remorseful puppet is to expose the puppet master. As a result, sending a message to the public at large that the puppet no longer wants to be part of the evil organisation. Rest assured that the public will be fairer on the puppet and the puppet’s family, than the alternative option of being under the bondage of the evil puppet.

At least with this option history and the general public will note that the puppet was part of the instrument that brought down the puppet master like David against Goliath.

Having said this, it’s easier said than done. Betraying the puppet master, psychologically, might not be that easy because the reality is that the puppet is scared and that’s been the case the whole life of the puppet. Plus, the other puppets might turn against this puppet because they are scared too.

This is why I believe it takes a certain condition to bring down the evil puppet master. For example, an environment where a significant number of puppets are not happy with the puppet master and they simply want to break free and use their life for the greater good of humanity.

To sum up, as a puppet being casted out of the organisation that’s always protected you, who would you trust? The evil puppet master? or your ethics. What legacy will you leave behind for your loved ones, a good world or a bad one.

If in doubt, remember, the truth will set you free.

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