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Noah’s Ark, 7 Day Theory


Grandma, what are you reading?
“I’m reading about Laws and Contracts,” replied the Grandma.
“Did you know that contracts in essence are promises backed by the law?.” “These promises that are backed by the Law are what under pin modern commerce. I mean, it is really fascinating,” concluded the Grandma.

“Wow! Very interesting, why are you reading about this grandma?,” asked Nene. “Planning to start a new career in your retirement?,” continued Nene.

“No, not planning to start a new career,” replied the Grandma. I was reading about it because last night, I had a dream and in my dream, there were a group of powerful paedophile ring, other vile act ring, murderer ring, blackmailer ring, human right abuser rings etc. These rings hide their criminal activities from coming into light and hold people in a sort of slavery bondage by getting them to commit to a non-disclosure agreement.

In the dream, the Grandma continued, there were also two kingdoms fighting amongst themselves. The two kingdoms were trying to expose the secrets of each other’s royalties. They were desperately fighting to expose the criminal activities of each other and how each kingdom is heavily involved in the criminal rings of paedophile, blackmailers etc. The reason they were trying to expose each other’s secrets is because what was keeping those rival kingdoms in power was the fact that their secrets were kept save from the light. If their secrets were to come to light then they will no longer have the power that they have over their slaves.

“OK, I’m confused what does this have to do with what you were reading grandma?,” asked Nene

Well, started the grandma, thought I’ll read up about the Law that under pins contracts, to see if such a situation is possible in real life. It turns out that if Person A promises to pay Person B some amount of money if person B does Person A’s exam for them, then the law will not back such a contract. The contract is invalid because the contract is based on an illegal activity and if a judge was to back that kind of a contract then that judge will be an accessory to the crime. Hence the judge will be committing a crime.

Ah! so, started Nene, “it’s like if someone committed a crime like murder or rape and then pays a witness or someone that knows about the crime not to say anything about it, then the law will not back such a contract and a judge will be an accessory to the crime if the judge was to back such a contract,” said Nene

Correct! replied the Grandma. It turns out that this distinction of the Law not backing criminal activities or contracts signed through blackmail, duress etc is quite an important part of the instrument that under pins contracts and modern commerce.

“That makes sense, that’s in the spirit of the Bible. Kind of what Jesus will do,” said Nene.

“True,” replied the Grandma.

“Imagine if the Law was to back criminal activities, that will make the judge a…, what’s the name for people that commit crimes?,” asked Nene
“Criminal,” replied the Grandma. “No not that one,” said Nene. It starts with H. ‘Hope you don’t mean Hoodlum?,” asked the Grandma. No, I’ve refrained from using that word ever since I saw that word being used for the marginalised, the people we are meant to be fighting for, victims of our selfishness and greed. To me it’s no different from when they used to call us Nigga to our face saying we will never amount to anything and we are less than Humans etc. Is it not from these people that the likes of Fela Kuti and Beyonce to mention a few have emerged? We now have people within our community calling others names as if we are not part of the same family. They will call a group of people hoodlum then go to church or mosque the next day. Don’t they realise that God is always on the side of the oppressed? As far as I’m concerned, when you point fingers and call others hoodlum then you are without a God. So, don’t even bother going to church or mosque with your dumb false sense of superiority, unless you are going to repent for good, concluded Nene.

“You are right Nene”, said the grandma. But what word were you talking about? “I was about to say it’s a Swahili word that starts with H”, said Nene.
Did you mean halifu?, asked the Grandma. Yes, that’s the word replied Nene. Oh, the right word for criminal is actually mhalifu. Ha ha. “You need to practice your Swahili more. Swahili is going to be an important business language in the future”, advised the Grandma.

Anyways, I haven’t finished telling you about the dream, continued the Grandma. The dream was so twisted, it’s unbelievable. In the dream, there was this beastly looking thing that kept people hostage for many years and whenever the oppressed had the slightest opportunity to complain, the beast will put a person say, Mr X that appears to be on the side of the hostage to be a spokesperson for the hostage. Obviously, this person that the beast has put in charge is actually doing the beast’s bidding. As a result, Mr X ends up confusing the rescuers into believing that everyone is OK and that there is nothing to worry about.

“Ah!”, said Nene so like say there is a prisoner’s rights activists group called HumansNow who marched to a particular prison to fight for the rights of the prisoners. When they get to the prison, the prison’s Governor offers trophies to a member of the HumansNow group that the governors sees as weak, in return for the person to, distract the group, frustrate the groups effort and or misinform the group that the prisoners in that prison are actually fine upon the person’s inspection. All they need is just slightly better dessert at Lunch time. Hence the HumansNow activist group turns back and cancels rescuing the prisoners. As a result, no real change takes place.

“Yes, something like that”, said the Grandma. They use the person to cause disruption and or misinformation. The person basically hijacks the movement for their own personal interest. Let me tell you something interesting, the Grandma continued. Did you know that if you repeat a lie enough times like, the sun doesn’t rise & shine in the UK, US and or in France. After a while when many people start to repeat this statement, people will start to believe it and it will become true.

“Wow that’s interesting”, said Nene. “Is that what is called the Mandela effect?” she asked.

“I believe so.” The Grandma answered. Oh! yeah, I just remembered something”, the Grandma continued. There was a point in the dream where I was in a meeting with Bill and Melinda Gates and they were saying how they see that there will be a number of deaths in Africa and as a result, that there will be lots of dead bodies on the streets of Africa. So, I asked them, how did they know, because one thing I know about every Magic trick I’ve seen is that there is always a reasonable explanation of how the Magician did it. The magic is always carried out as a result of the Magician doing something out of sight. Then at the end of my dream, God was extremely angry. God couldn’t believe the amount of hate that that beastly looking thing I mentioned had spread in the world. As a result, God said she was coming to restore Love in the world forever. God got the biggest Yacht ever in order to rescue the enslaved. Issuing a warning to this beastly looking creature and its little workers that they have 7 days from today to repent before justice starts being served as he will be coming to rescue his people and shine the light on their evil ways.

Then I woke up to the blinding sound of Nyeungana is the light!

About this Riddle

Published: 27/10/2020

This riddle is loosely inspired by real life events.

The Event: On the 13th of September 2019, Leke’s bank account was hacked and some money was stolen from him. Over the next 7 days immediately following the hack, different efforts were made to steal his identity one day at a time and on the 7th day they had completely assumed his identity.

I can only imagine they were sent by the devil, who wanted this child of God to start hating himself, so that this African child could be misled to walk down the route of self-hating and harming.

The mission to rid the world of hate and those that revel in hate, confusion, suffering and disruption has started. God, the peddlers of hate, confusion, suffering and disruption are laughing at you. God you all-seeing all-knowing God, finish what you have started and do not stop until the world is rid of hate and healed with love. This is the battle for forever.


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It is with great pleasure that we announce that our sister organisation Ifa Dudu has now been officially registered.

Ifa Dudu ministry is a religious charity whose objectives include:

  • To preach the gospel of God to the world
  • To preach the gospel of God in accordance to the Nyeungana vision
  • To advance the Ifa Dudu ministry religion for the benefit of the public in accordance with the Nyeungana vision.

Ifa Dudu’s source of authority are the sources of authority of Ifa, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism & Rastafarianism.

Congratulations Ifa Dudu and as they say in some parts of Nigeria, Republic of Benin and Republic of Togo, Oluwatisegun!!!!


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