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1. What is Nyeungana?

Nyeungana is the name of our vision, you can read more about it here.

2. What does Nyeusi mean?
Nyeusi is a Swahili word. It means black.
3. Do the trustees of Nyeusi earn from the organisation?
No. None of the trustees of Nyeusi are paid to do their job.
4. Where does Nyeusi operate?
It is Nyeusi’s intention to operate all over the world. However, due to limited resources, we are currently restricting the region that we operate in. Take a look on the UK Charity commission’s website in order to see the current list of countries where we operate.
5. How can I be certain that the money I donate is spent appropriately?
Nyeusi has an open accounting policy, meaning that we are completely transparent about how your money is spent, with the full information being published on our website. We also intend to hold regular workshops where you can put your questions directly to the team.
6. Why is the website in English and Swahili?
Our website is in English because Nyeusi is a UK registered charity.
The website is in Swahili because Swahili is the official language of the African Union.
7. What is Swahili?
Swahili, also known by its local name Kiswahili, is a language used in Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and many other regions.
8. How can I meet the team?

Sign up for our meet the team workshop for an opportunity to meet the Nyeusi team. This can be found on Our Activities page and on the About Us page.

9. I need help, how do I get support please?

Please use our contact us form, or the form associated with the relevant support you are seeking.

10. Where is the Headquarters of Nyeusi?
Our headquarters is currently located in London, UK.
11. What is Give Black December?
Give Black December is a promotion to get people within the black community to make a specific commitment to giving back to our community for the new year ahead. The initiative was started by Nyeusi and is initiated every December. That is why it’s aptly named Give Black December.
12. What is the Give Black December Music Competition?
Every year, unsigned artists are invited to write a song to help celebrate Give Black December. Winners and runner ups are normally given a prize. Find out more here.

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