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Together we rise and continue to excel, to divide will set us on an irreversible path to suffering and failure for future generations.

Pamoja tutaimarika na kuendelea kufanikiwa, kujigawanya itatufanya kushika njia ambayo hatutaweza kubadilisha mambo, na itakuwa ni dhiki na mateso kwa vizazi vizazi vijavyo.


Nyeusi ( Swahili word for Black ) is a UK registered charity that was founded by Oluwagbemileke Afariogun. Registered Charity Number 1182994.

The charity was created in order to help combat the current mismanagement of a lot of countries whose citizens are black, the general lack of unity within the black community and the disorganisation of black diasporas to make a real impact in order to reverse centuries of institutional maladministration within their countries of origin.

We aim to help build a truly global and united black community and to be the one stop shop for every charitable or noble deed within the black community across the world, we will do this by diverting funds to partner charitable organisations.

Our philosophy is that with unity and a joint sense of purpose we can pull each other out of poverty, fight injustice, guide the next generation and help break every glass ceiling for future generations – Together.

To gain the public’s trust, we will operate an open accounting policy. What does this mean? All donations received and most importantly all expenditures will be published on our website, open for the public to scrutinise.


16 June 2018
Application submitted to the Charity Commission
13 September 2018
The application for the Nyeusi Trademark was submitted. We also took our case to the Tribunal as our charity registration application was rejected.
25 December 2018
The name Nyeungana was created and the vision it stands for was finalised.


Imagine a tomorrow where all black people are forever united across physical geographic borders in their fight against poverty, marginalisation, injustice, discrimination and any other form of oppression. A tomorrow where we all feel empowered to help one another and are incredibly proud to be us. Whilst truly embracing our unique and natural beauty.

In that tomorrow we will be a superpower that is making positive contribution on the world’s stage whilst pushing each other to new heights in the advancement of human endeavour.

United by our shared identity and indivisible by any instrument. We would have created the best environment for our offspring to thrive. Forever. We call this Nyeungana


1.The relieving and prevention of suffering and poverty, the promotion of equality between men and women, and the promotion of conflict resolution and reconciliation of people from Black African, Black Caribbean and any other Black African or Black Caribbean background by any means as the trustees in their discretion shall determine.

2.To advance the education of the general public in the arts and culture of people and communities from Black African, Black Caribbean and any other Black African or Black Caribbean Backgrounds by any means as the trustees in their discretion shall determine.






Vice President

Building a stronger sense of unity within the black community whilst ensuring we excel economically and in every work of life, through the promotion of love & peace,
... stronger sense of identity, pride, culture, fairness and looking out for each other whilst endeavouring to show compassion, respect & love for other communities.

It is our vision to help realise Nyeungana. Please see the How – Plan A document for more details.

Click here to download a copy of our constitution.


At Nyeusi we believe that the speed of progression of every community can be judged on the basis of how they treat the people that selflessly stick their neck out for them... and the length that that community will go to in order to secure a brighter future for the next generation.

As a result of the above, 20% of all donations to us will go into a special fund to help assist the descendants of all those whose ancestors have stood out as having made outstanding sacrifices for our community (the descendants that have applied to have access to the funds). The remaining 80% will go towards our effort to secure Nyeungana.

If you believe in what we stand for then as a member of our community we will encourage you to donate a minimum of 5% of your income to us. Remember, we have an open accounting policy so all donations received and a detailed account of all expenditures will be published on our website.


Due to money laundering and the charity commissions regulations, we will need to know more about donors that make more than a single donation of £50,000. The same... scrutiny will be applied to anyone that leaves over £100, 000 behind in their will for us.

We are not accepting donations at the moment. In the meantime, feel free to follow us on any of the social media platforms below.

Email: info@nyeusi.org


Privacy Policy

© 2018 – 2019, NYEUSI ® – REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER 1182994